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Picking Update - The orchard will reopen Sat 10/28 - Sun 10/29 from 10AM - 4PM (last entry) each day. We will be picking Fuji, Empire and Jonagold. This will be our final picking weekend. See our EVENTS page for other happenings at the farm!

Fall is apple season at Wickham Farms! We have thousands of u-pick apple trees and over 13 different varieties. Bring your family out for a day of fun on the farm. All apple pickers recieve a complementary tour of the farm via hayride to and from the orchard! Other fun farm activities include our Giant 5 acre corn maze, our brand new apple cannons, a no left turn maze and our children's spider web play area!

Children u-pick apples orchardHours: Open for the season, weekends only: 10AM - 4PM (last entry)! Be sure to call our Apple Hotline (585-364-9313) or visit our Facebook page to confirm hours and variety availability.

About the Orchard: In 2014, we planted thousands of apple trees in our new orchard on Sweets Corners Road in Penfield. We’ve been adding trees every year, and today there are approximately 5,000. Grown using a trellis system, the dwarf variety apple trees remain short, allowing pickers to access the apples without the use of ladders.

We offer Jonagold, Jonamac, Crispin (sometimes called Mutsu), Empire, McIntosh, Gala, Red Delicious, Northern Spy, Cameo, Macoun, Fuji, Zestar, and Honeycrisp apple varieties.

Map to U-PickParking is available at 1303 Sweets Corners Rd, Penfield; look for the red shed when you arrive.
Click here for a Google map and directions.

Your farm experience comes complete with a complementary hayride to and from the orchard with an apple purchase. Our apples are sold by the peck bag (1/4 bushel, approximately 10 - 13 lbs.).

Be sure to call our Apple Hotline (585-364-9313) or visit our Facebook page to confirm hours and variety availability.

is by the bag, not by weight! We will sell you the bag before you enter the orchard. Our bags are peck sized (10-13 lbs depending on how well you heap it up). There is no bag limit per party. Bag purchases include a beautiful hayride tour to and from the orchard for your entire party. For non Honeycrisp apples, we charge $15 for a single peck, or $25 for two pecks. For Honeycrisp, we charge $20 for a single peck or $35 for two pecks.

U-pick apples hayride wagon

u-pikc apple puzzle maze Hayride to u-pick apple orchardFarm fresh family fun for kids of all ages!


  Variety Availability

gala apple u-pick orchard

A great choice for snacking, Gala is a variety developed in New Zealand. It's got the mild flavor that "picky eaters" prefer, plus a striking bright yellow-red color that also makes it visually appealing.

Jonamac u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

A cross between Jonathan and McIntosh apples, Jonamac is closer to a McIntosh in terms of flavor, just a bit sweeter. Many people love the touch-of-honey taste of a Jonamac, a great eating apple.

Zestar u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

An early season apple that’s juicy, with a light and crisp texture. Developed at the University of Minnesota, Zestar! trees are especially hardy and handle cold weather beautifully. Like the name says, there’s zesty flavor and crunch when you bite into one.

  Mid-September to Early October
McIntosh u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Nothing evokes fall better than the aromatic fragrance of McIntosh apples. This variety has been enjoyed since 1811 when John McIntosh discovered the first seedling. McIntosh apples grow particularly well in New York's cool climate.

  Mid-September to Late October
Honeycrisp u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Sometimes the name of an apple says it all. Honeycrisp apples are honey sweet (with a touch of tart) and amazingly crisp. Kids love the taste, and it’s easy to see why this recent variety has continued to grow in popularity since its 1991 introduction in Minnesota. More Honeycrisp trees are being planted every year in New York to increase the annual harvest.

Late September to Mid-October
Empire u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Royal Empire
With the popular Red Delicious and McIntosh for parents, Empire was destined to be a hit when it was developed at Cornell University in the ‘40s. It's a sweet-tart combination that's very versatile.

Macoun u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Looking for a perfect, no-fat dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Macoun is the answer, but make sure you get yours at the right time, as these special apples are only available in the fall. Macoun was developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva in 1932, and is named for a famous Canadian fruit breeder.


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Northern Spy
Northern Spy apples have a tart flavor. Best uses for eating, sauces, baking, pies, and freezing.

Fuji u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Fuji apples have it all – they’re super sweet, wildly juicy, extremely crisp, and ideal for snacking. This Japanese apple has American parents, Red Delicious and Ralls Janet, an antique apple that goes back to the days of Thomas Jefferson and 1793.

crispin u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Bite into a Crispin for a great crunch and mouthful of sweet juice. The original name for this exceptional apple was Mutsu, reflecting its Japanese heritage. It was renamed Crispin in the late ‘60s and has been gaining fans ever since.

jonagold u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Jonagold is another success story from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. It's a cross between mellow Golden Delicious and tart Jonathan apples, and creates a great aroma when baked in apple pies.

red delicious u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

Red Delicious
These popular mildly sweet apples are grown across the country, but only our Red Delicious have the slight tartness so characteristic of apples from New York. If you haven't tried an Apple Country® Delicious, you haven't tried what we consider the best Delicious.

  Late October
cameo u-pick apple orchard penfield ny

A bright, red-striped apple with a creamy orange color; firm and crisp. It has a thin skin with a sweet/tart flavor, and makes a great fresh eating apple. You may even notice a hint of pear.


Images and information courtesy of the New York Apple Association.

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