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The harvest season begins mid-June and runs for 18 consecutive weeks. Wickham Farms offers three different share types as illustrated below:

Share Type Grab & Go Bi-weekly Share Full Share
Length of program 18 weeks 9 weeks (alternating weeks) 18 weeks
Description 6-10 items per week 8-10 items/week (early season) Up to 15 items at peak season 8-10 items/week (early season) Up to 15 items at peak season
Crop Variety Focus on basic crop varieties Most crops included All crops included
Family Size Guideline People with less time for food prep, singles, couples  Small families or those that eat fewer veggies  Families of 4 or 2 vegetarians
Pick-up Days  Tues 4PM - 7PM  Mon or Thurs 4PM – 7PM  Mon or Thurs 4PM – 7PM
Pick-up Location  Wickham Farms Wickham Farms  Wickham Farms
Farmers Market Style Pickup (Members Get to Choose Between Certain Items to Suit their Tastes)
Pre-packaged Box (No Choices of Items)    
Fruit Included
U-Pick Herbs Included
U-Pick Flowers Included Additional fee for U-Pick
Additional U-Pick Vegetables Additional fee for U-Pick
Option to Split Between Two Members
Weekly Newsletters, Recipes & Information Sheets
Includes Member Appreciation Events
Eligible For Thanksgiving Share Before General Public
Cost $455 $445 $660 (Best value)

We are now accepting members for 2018. Please feel free to stop by or email us for with any questions.

On-Farm Shares (Full and Biweekly)

Our on-farm CSA shares give you the full farm experience. You’ll have interaction with the farmers who grow your produce as well as other CSA staff. You will be able to choose Mondays or Thursdays as your pickup day; pickup takes place from 4 to 7 p.m.

Advantage of the on-farm shares:

  • A farmer’s market-style setup at pick-up gives you choices among your produce options. As an example, you may choose a certain number of pounds from three different kinds of potatoes – yellow, red or Adirondack blue. You may take all of one or some of each. You will usually have a choice among your salad and cooking greens. Some choices are based on the quantities of the crops that are ready for harvest. If we have a limited amount of broccoli and cantaloupe available for distribution that week, for example, you may have a choice of one or the other.
  • The on-farm shares include u-pick bonus vegetables, herbs and flowers at no extra cost. See the CSA u-pick page for details.
  • You get a greater quantity of produce for the dollar because there’s less labor involved on our end. This is an advantage if you will be able to consume, can or freeze that amount of produce.

We offer two on-farm CSA memberships:

  • The Full Vegetable, Flower & Herb Share ($660 for 18 weeks) is geared toward families or vegetarian couples. The share includes eight to 10 items early in the season, and up to 15 items at the peak of the season.
  • The Biweekly Vegetable, Flower & Herb Share ($445 for 9 weeks) is the same format as our full share above, but with pickup every other week. We make every effort for biweekly members to get some of every crop received by full members. There may be a few exceptions in terms of crops with a short harvest.

Sample Shares (Available Beginning Week Four)

Thought about eating healthy and shopping local? Here is your chance to try out our program with just a one-week commitment. Your one-week share will give you the full on-farm pickup experience as described above.

One Week Sample Share ($35)

You will also be able to visit our CSA u-pick area to pick additional veggies, as well as flowers and herbs, on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on your pick-up day between 4 and 7 p.m. Following your one week sample share, you will have the option to sign up for the remainder of the year on a prorated basis.

Please Click Here or call/email us to sign up for a sample share.

The Fine Print: One time use only; recipient cannot redeem multiple sample shares. Good for 1 week Full share, including u-pick. Share redemption valid for new members only; must not have been involved with our CSA in the past. Share certificate will be available for redemption when the 2017 Harvest season begins. Recipient will choose a Monday or Thursday pickup (4 to 7 p.m.) at our farm in Penfield. Season typically runs mid-June through mid-October.

Prepacked Shares (Grab & Go)

The Wickham Farms Grab & Go CSA share, our prepacked share, was developed in response to customer feedback. During the first two years of our CSA program, a significant number of CSA members told us that they would prefer a smaller share, either because they had busy schedules or had a smaller household.

Grab & Go Vegetable Share ($455 for 18 weeks)

The Grab & Go CSA share was designed for people who are limited in time to prepare their vegetables, or for singles/couples who will not consume a full share. It is also a good step for people who are new to the CSA experience and may find the amount of vegetables in a full share to be overwhelming.

A smaller share, it includes six to 10 vegetables, with emphasis on the more common crops. In other words, you will likely get several weeks of carrots, potatoes and tomatoes; you may get leeks, fennel and kohlrabi just once.

The Grab & Go CSA share is packed in a crate for speedy pickup. You may take the crate home with you; the crate is collapsible, so you may store it and return it the following week.

Pickup is on Tuesdays between 4 - 7 p.m. at the farm. Access to our u-pick fields is not built into the cost of the Grab & Go share, however, members may purchase a Saturday u-pick add-on. Choose from either a full season (opportunity to pick on Saturdays for up to 18 weeks) for $80, or any four U-Pick Saturdays of your choice for $40.



Still have questions? Don't hesitate to email us at csa@wickhamfarms.com.


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